WIP: Syncopation Socks

Sock is coming along! I’m working on the increase rows leading into the heal. Working up to 70 sole side stitches which is a lot crammed onto my teeny DPNs.

It’s a very satisfying project; if I can sit down for a while I can really crank out some rows.

I like the way the directions are laid out. The stitches are divided in half into “instep” and “sole” sides for magic loop. I have 2 needles for each side, so still very easy to divide and follow the directions.

I decided that I can’t travel with this project, which is shame because it’s easy and quick to pick up and put down. The DPNs are small and every time I try and put the project in a bag to take along I’m afraid the stitches will slide off. I’m also worried that if the bag gets smooshed that a needle will just snap. Theses size 1s feel delicate and it’s just safer to keep them next to my bed. Magic loop would certainly travel better.

Syncopation Socks project page

Yarn Stash

A knitting blog isn’t super interesting when my only progress to speak of is another inch or so on a sock. I could keep posting pictures of my newest rows, but even my need to document every minor achievement in life isn’t that strong.

So instead, let’s talk yarn stash. As a new(ish) knitter, I have a pretty small “stash.” I read the forums on Ravelry: I have SEEN the pictures of the yarn stashes of serious knitters and crocheters. I have looked enviously at pictures of closets filled to the top with essentially a whole yarn store’s worth of choices. But even as the “ooooh” is coming out of my mouth my head is giving a “does not compute” error message trying to calculate the cost of all that gorgeous yarn.

This will not be me. I’m pretty sure – I mean, I’m new here, but I don’t think that I’m the kind of person who would just have that many of anything. (BUT – if it’s YOU! That’s awesome. You do you. I will drool over your stash pictures and think about how cool it must be to have the yarn on hand for just about any project you want to start.)

My goal with knitting is to try to buy yarn with a project in mind, and to use up as much of the random skeins and yarn leftovers as I can. I really like the process of knitting and the satisfaction of using something up, so I think keeping a minimal stash will work well.

I got out all of my yarn and laid it out on the coffee table. I just recently bought a bunch of yarn (minimum purchase amounts to get free shipping meant buying for several projects at a time), so this is the largest my stash has ever been. I don’t plan to buy any more yarn in the immediate future.

I have several categories here:

  • Future Projects, already planned for Yarn is bought, pattern is chosen or at least tentatively chosen, just waiting in my queue
  • Leftovers from Finished Projects
  • Over-Buying for Projects Since I’m new, calculating the yardage I will need for a project can be kind of nerve-wracking. You can’t always just go back to the store for one more.
  • Random Craft Store Yarn WHY do I have so much WHITE Red Heart

My stash on Ravelry