One Sock!

I finished ONE of my Syncopation Socks! Yay! I completed one whole sock! It is very very exciting! Overall I am super pleased with sock knitting. It went quickly (in actual time knitting, finding the time was a little bit harder lately). I learned a lot of new techniques with this project: the increases used, knitting a heel, and Jeny’s Surprisingly Stretchy Bind Off.


Like i said before, I really like the way the pattern was organized with explicit directions for every single stitch. (some patterns will give a direction and say to follow them for a certain number of rows or inches. This one wrote out in a chart, exactly what you are to knit for each row. This made is easy for things like starting the heel. I had never even seen what it looks like to knit a heel, so I just did exactly what the pattern said to do and it came out great!

The BO gave me a little trouble, I grabbed the wrong needle at first. The pattern says to use a 3mm needle; I grabbed a size 3. And then after trying to follow the JSSBO I ended up with a really ruffly BO that, while very stretchy, didn’t look as nice as I wanted it to. So I ripped out that BO and reinserted my needles into the last row of stitches (tedious to thread back into the teeny stitches). Tried it again with the correct size needle and was very happy with the way it came out.

This sock is sized for a man’s foot, but I put it on and walked around anyway. It was very cozy. I don’t know how well a hand knit sock will stay up on one’s leg, having never worn them before. And this one is quite loose on me, so not a good test.IMG_6934

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