It’s been so long since I knitted something. And I want to pick something up today, just crank out a few rows so my hands remember how. And I have about 500 WIPs. But none are at just the right point where I can just add a few rows of stockinette. I think I stopped each one at a difficult spot:I have to learn something, figure something out or make a decision. I have bunches of yarn in my stash…but none the right color or quantity to start something new. I think: I’ll buy some new yarn for a new project! But then I can’t choose the right colors. This is annoying. I guess I’ll knit a dishcloth.

Next Level

Nothing makes me feel more competent as a knitter as being able to fix a mistake I’ve made rows before. When I first started knitting, the only way for me to fix any mistakes was to rip everything out and start over.  Which isn’t really a practical solution for anything past about ten rows in. Eventually I learned how to TINK. I figured out that I could knit backwards and undo stitches so I could redo them. 

And eventually I learned to drop down and fix stitches several rows back without unraveling any rows. 

I felt really super confident the other day when I had a slipped stitch, on an increase, while using teeny dpns, that I was able to fix by dropping down, holding stitches onto extra needles and using a very small crochet hook. 

I was sweating like crazy the whole time but I did it! 



I have always felt weirdly proud of myself for being a “neat” knitter. I have a small “curated” <eye roll> stash. I buy yarn with a plan! I keep only ONE (1!) small basket of yarn. I use up my scraps! I…have 7 unfinished projects going right now. And 5 sitting in my queue. I am suffering from some form of crafting ADD. I did just finish a baby blanket, so there’s at least one finished knit recently.

I (generally) keep my yarn stash well organized in a basket tucked neatly in my closet. Then next to my bed I keep a tote bag with whatever current project I have going. Which then turned into 3 different bags. And extra skeins piled on top. And it’s gotten a little out of control:

This is the (normally nice and neat I swear!) spot where I keep my works in progress. Right now it has yarn I’ve been meaning to turn into a scarf for my 9yo, Christmas gift yarn, leftovers from the baby blanket, a single sock that apparently will take me half a year to finish, my Great Aunt Betty’s Christmas stocking knitting bag – with my own half-knit prototype and modified chart, a “quick”gift project for a friend, AND Elizabeth Zimmermann’s Knitting Without Tears. And and and

I’m a bit of a mess, I don’t know what to work on, and nothing is close to being finished.