Socks for Me

I realize I have only finished one of my Syncopation Socks, and so I am at high risk for Second Sock Syndrome. I plan to knit the second sock, I want to knit the second sock. The yarn and needles are just sitting there in my bag so I can get started anytime. But.

But. I have some Knit Picks Stroll in Wonderland Heather that I just really want to knit. And since I enjoyed making the first Syncopation Sock so much I want to knit more socks but tweak things a bit.

I wanted to knit in magic loop this time (using a ChiaoGoo 24 in size 1 2.25mm circular), top down, and knit a smaller size sock.

The pattern is Hermione’s Everyday Socks. I am a sucker for a pattern with a nerdy theme, this one inspired by Hermione’s character. It looks pretty straight-forward, though at first glance, the heel instructions do not look super explicit (in Syncopation Socks the pattern lists the stitches for every single row and stitch so it’s easy to follow along). But I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it. I do like that the pattern dictates exactly how may rows to work ribbing (20) and how many pattern repeats for the leg (18). I prefer this to “work for x inches” especially since I plan to knit a second sock and would like them to be as close to the same as possible.

Just like when I knit hats, I dislike starting a project with ribbing. It’s fine, it’s necessary, but I get really excited to knit something new and have to plug through a few inches of boring ribbing before I get to the good stuff.

So far the pattern is easy and will go quickly, just need some more patio coffee time.

Hermione’s Everyday Socks project page