WIP: Panda Hat

“I’ll just knit a basic white hat and throw a panda face on it! What could go wrong?”

Ravelry Project Page: Panda Hat

I started to knit the panda face stranded, but ended up with floats that were too tight, despite trying to be conscious to make them loose. The nose and the right eye patch puckered. And the left eye patch did this thing where the entire left side of the black patch wasn’t anchored in any way to the white stitches next to it.

I put in a life line so I could rip back to a row before the chart.

nose puckered

apparently the whole side of this eye patch section did not attach to the white stitches


What worked:

  • Duplicate stitch for the mouth (like here). I think it looks much better as a duplicate stitch than it did when stranded.

  • An intarsia/stranded hybrid for the nose and eye patches. The white yarn was stranded across the back of the black sections but for each black section, I used a different ball of black yarn. Worked R to L in the black sections for a couple of rows and then L to R, by slipping the stitches to the right needle, turning the work and purling the black stitches, then slipping them back to the correct needle. (Like here)

So far, the nose looks great. It lays nice and flat and the white floats aren’t in the way. Hopefully the eye patches will work as well.

Socks for Me

I realize I have only finished one of my Syncopation Socks, and so I am at high risk for Second Sock Syndrome. I plan to knit the second sock, I want to knit the second sock. The yarn and needles are just sitting there in my bag so I can get started anytime. But.

But. I have some Knit Picks Stroll in Wonderland Heather that I just really want to knit. And since I enjoyed making the first Syncopation Sock so much I want to knit more socks but tweak things a bit.

I wanted to knit in magic loop this time (using a ChiaoGoo 24 in size 1 2.25mm circular), top down, and knit a smaller size sock.

The pattern is Hermione’s Everyday Socks. I am a sucker for a pattern with a nerdy theme, this one inspired by Hermione’s character. It looks pretty straight-forward, though at first glance, the heel instructions do not look super explicit (in Syncopation Socks the pattern lists the stitches for every single row and stitch so it’s easy to follow along). But I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it. I do like that the pattern dictates exactly how may rows to work ribbing (20) and how many pattern repeats for the leg (18). I prefer this to “work for x inches” especially since I plan to knit a second sock and would like them to be as close to the same as possible.

Just like when I knit hats, I dislike starting a project with ribbing. It’s fine, it’s necessary, but I get really excited to knit something new and have to plug through a few inches of boring ribbing before I get to the good stuff.

So far the pattern is easy and will go quickly, just need some more patio coffee time.

Hermione’s Everyday Socks project page

The “I Miss You” Hat

I feel a little silly calling this hat the “I Miss You” Hat. But my husband, James, has been working on an important project at work that has required some long hours. And then as the project was winding down, he had a couple of (well deserved!) weekend trips. The evenings he was away for this last trip, I started this hat for him. I watched Harry Potter 7.2 and waited up for him to come home, knitting and missing him, like in some goddamn Victorian novel.

I bought the yarn a while ago (I had planned ahead, I knew it would be for a hat for him). And had this pattern in mind. I used the couple of evenings he was away as the right opportunity to put on a movie and knit.

I like knitting hats because they are straightforward and fast: knit in the round, no seaming or changing skills, just work in pattern until it’s done.

A few more nights of movie watching and I’ll have it done.

Pattern: One Bourbon


One Sock!

I finished ONE of my Syncopation Socks! Yay! I completed one whole sock! It is very very exciting! Overall I am super pleased with sock knitting. It went quickly (in actual time knitting, finding the time was a little bit harder lately). I learned a lot of new techniques with this project: the increases used, knitting a heel, and Jeny’s Surprisingly Stretchy Bind Off.


Like i said before, I really like the way the pattern was organized with explicit directions for every single stitch. (some patterns will give a direction and say to follow them for a certain number of rows or inches. This one wrote out in a chart, exactly what you are to knit for each row. This made is easy for things like starting the heel. I had never even seen what it looks like to knit a heel, so I just did exactly what the pattern said to do and it came out great!

The BO gave me a little trouble, I grabbed the wrong needle at first. The pattern says to use a 3mm needle; I grabbed a size 3. And then after trying to follow the JSSBO I ended up with a really ruffly BO that, while very stretchy, didn’t look as nice as I wanted it to. So I ripped out that BO and reinserted my needles into the last row of stitches (tedious to thread back into the teeny stitches). Tried it again with the correct size needle and was very happy with the way it came out.

This sock is sized for a man’s foot, but I put it on and walked around anyway. It was very cozy. I don’t know how well a hand knit sock will stay up on one’s leg, having never worn them before. And this one is quite loose on me, so not a good test.IMG_6934

Syncopation Socks project page

WIP: Syncopation Socks

Sock is coming along! I’m working on the increase rows leading into the heal. Working up to 70 sole side stitches which is a lot crammed onto my teeny DPNs.

It’s a very satisfying project; if I can sit down for a while I can really crank out some rows.

I like the way the directions are laid out. The stitches are divided in half into “instep” and “sole” sides for magic loop. I have 2 needles for each side, so still very easy to divide and follow the directions.

I decided that I can’t travel with this project, which is shame because it’s easy and quick to pick up and put down. The DPNs are small and every time I try and put the project in a bag to take along I’m afraid the stitches will slide off. I’m also worried that if the bag gets smooshed that a needle will just snap. Theses size 1s feel delicate and it’s just safer to keep them next to my bed. Magic loop would certainly travel better.

Syncopation Socks project page