Next Level

Nothing makes me feel more competent as a knitter as being able to fix a mistake I’ve made rows before. When I first started knitting, the only way for me to fix any mistakes was to rip everything out and start over.  Which isn’t really a practical solution for anything past about ten rows in. Eventually I learned how to TINK. I figured out that I could knit backwards and undo stitches so I could redo them. 

And eventually I learned to drop down and fix stitches several rows back without unraveling any rows. 

I felt really super confident the other day when I had a slipped stitch, on an increase, while using teeny dpns, that I was able to fix by dropping down, holding stitches onto extra needles and using a very small crochet hook. 

I was sweating like crazy the whole time but I did it! 


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